Only the best

We source single origin arabica coffees from Brazil, roasted in Pisgah, NC. Our coffees can be purchased whole bean or ground and can be brewed using your preferred method – automatic, pour over, immersion or espresso.

Our Cause

NMC and it’s founders are passionate about having a low environmental impact through our coffee sales. We feel it is our responsibility as the seller to reduce pollution. Therefore, our bags and valves are 100% compostable. When you purchase NMC, you are contributing to preserving the planet now and for future generations. We will pledge 1% of sales to preservation and restoration of the natural environment through 1% For The Planet.

Who we are

Nature has always been an important part of our life. Natalie exploring the trail through hikes and Tony on the back of a mountain bike. In 2020, we took the outdoor life to the next level in an Airstream making our journey just a little more intimate. Becoming more mindful with each experience, we began brainstorming ideas of change starting with our morning mug of coffee.
Our commitment became clear, we needed to deliver coffee to your mug in an ecofriendly way. We all bear the responsibility to protect this precious planet and big things can come through many small changes.

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Drop us a line at or fill out the form to the right and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! Prefer to hear someones voice? We are at 301-481-2741.

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naked truth

Naked Man, not in the literal sense but as in life unencumbered. Nature in its purest form untouched and raw. Man, not male but mankind. No gender, race or religion. Just humans in nature enjoying a damn good cup of coffee. Our brew. Your journey.